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PLEASE NOTE 5/8th lb Hex PlateMates are not and will not be in production.

Please note that Donut PlateMate® magnets will not fit around a 2" barbells and WILL NOT stick to any type of rubber dumbbells, rubber coated dumbbells, rubber insulated dumbbells, or urethane dumbbells.  While bricks are specifically made for selectorized machines. Check our FAQ page for dimensions.  


PlateMate® magnets make microloading easy at any professional or home gym with their revolutionary, patented super strong magnetic design. PlateMate® magnets come in three versatile styles - Hex, Donut, and Bricks - and micro increments from 1.25lbs to 5 lbs.  

*Note: 5/8ths lbs Hex PlateMate® magnets are not available at this time.

These are perfect! I have a dumbbell set with 10lb increments and I just picked up the 2.5’s. They fill in the gaps and I get a better workout now!
— Matt
These are a great addition to my Powerblock U90’s!
— Steven
Highly recommended! Works perfectly with my metal hex dumbbells. Saves space too!
— David