PlateMate Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are PlateMate® magnets?  

  • PlateMate® magnets are rubber-coated magnetic weights. They are made with extremely strong magnets that only stick to metal or cast iron.  They allow the user to add small amounts of weight to their dumbbells or plates in order to achieve higher levels of weight training. 

Q2: What is microloading and why should I be doing it? 

  • PlateMate® allow beginners to do exercises properly and avoid injury by allowing the user safely increase weight in small increments. Intermediate weight lifters stay motivated because they experience steady progress in the weight they can lift over time. Advanced lifters benefit because microloading helps users break through plateaus to achieve success at the highest level of weight training.

Q3: How many pairs of PlateMate® magnets do I need?

  • You will need one pair per dumbbell in use (one for each side of the dumbbell so that the weight is distributed evenly). For example, you will need two pairs (one for each dumbbell) when doing two-handed movements (chest press, shoulder press, lateral raises).

Q4: Do PlateMate® magnets work with plastic or rubber coated dumbbells?

  •  No. It is important that the magnets come in direct contact with the metal for an ultimate hold.

Q5: Can you stack PlateMate® magnets?

  •  No. We coat the PlateMate® with a protective coating, so you cannot use more than one at each end of the weight. For a bigger microload, use the next available size of PlateMate®.

Q6: Will the PlateMate® fit around an Olympic Bar?

  • No. The  PlateMate® are not intended to fit around an Olympic bar.  They will fit around a Pro-Style Bar (1" in Width).  But you can attach the magnets to the metal plates themselves when doing barbell work.

Q7: How do you use the PlateMate® Bricks?

  • PlateMate® Bricks are specifically designed for selectorized machines.

Q8: What are the dimensions of the PlateMate® magnets?

  • 1.25 lb Hex -- 1" Deep and 4-1/4" Wide
  • 1.25 lb Donut -- 1/2" Deep and 4-1/2" Wide (Hole Measurement is 1-7/8")
  • 2.5 lb Donut -- 1" Deep and 4-1/2" Wide (Hole Measurements is 1-7/8")
  • 2.5 lb Brick -- 7/8" Deep, 7-1/8" Long and 2-1/8" Wide
  • 5 lb Brick - 1-1/2" Deep, 7-1/8" Long and 2-1/8" Wide

Q9: Will this work on hex dumbbells?

  • 1.25 lb. & 2.5 lb. donut Platemate® are only intended to be used with 25 lb. dumbbells and higher. The units become unsafe if used with a lower weights. The Hex PlateMate® only comes in 1.25 lbs. Also please note PlateMate® do not stick to rubber encased plates or dumbbells.

Q10: Will this work with kettlebells?

  • While the PlateMate® may stick to kettlebells, we do not advise using them on kettlebells.